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BetVisa App Download – Free Apk For Android and iOS

Every well-known and respected company has a license. We at BetVisa Bangladesh also have a license – Gaming Curacao. Apart from it, we provide a welcome bonus to newbies, to further boost their interest and help them earn their first money. For more details, check out this article where we’ll tell you everything.

Exploring the Top Features of the BetVisa App  

The BetVisa mobile application will not differ much from the official website.

In terms of functionality and possibilities, our mobile application will not differ much from the official site. Let’s look at it now in the table. 

Features of the BetVisa app

  • Android and iOS
  • Section for betting, casino, and slots
  • Choice of language
  • Registration and login button
  • Deposit & Withdraw Buttons
  • Games and providers
  • Live Chat
  • Promo

Benefits of using the BetVisa App

What are the advantages of using the BetVisa program

You often wonder why it is better to use a mobile app and our app. We will now answer this question for you in the form of benefits:

  • Structured and convenient sections in the app;
  • A quick search of the necessary functions;
  • Ability to use bonuses and deposits thanks to the BetVisa app;
  • Ability to bet anywhere and at any convenient time if you have the Internet; 
  • Constant access to customer support; 
  • Affects a small amount of memory on the device;
  • Excellent protection of user data;
  • Rather quickly can be installed on the device; 
  • It is possible to bet on both Android and iOS systems. 

These are just the main benefits you saw, but you will see more as our article progresses, so watch closely.  

BetVisa Apk Welcome Bonuses

BetVisa betting office has a welcome bonus

Almost every well-known bookmaker’s office has a welcome bonus, our BetVisa office is no exception in this regard. And let us get acquainted with them in more detail. 

Bonus on sports betting

As a new user after registration, we give you a bonus of 300%. All you have to do is enter promo code XXX and you will get it. This is a very significant boost from our company BetVisa for bettors. For example, if you bet 1000 BDT, you will get 3000 BDT. 

Casino Bonus 

For casino betting, the company has also splurged and provides a 300% welcome bonus as well. Enter promo code XXX and you will get it. So bet and win.

How to Get the BetVisa Mobile Bonus?

All bettors are wondering how they can get a mobile bonus from us. And it’s very easy to do, just follow our instructions:

  1. Go through the registration process. Go to the BetVisa app on your mobile device and register;
  2. Enter your bonus. You need to specify the bonus you are currently claiming;
  3. Replenish your game number with 1000 BDT or more. 

Where can I check my active promotions?

To check your active promotions we remind you that first of all you need to register and have an account. The process of checking active promotions is simple, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Click on the arrow to display a list next to your name; 
  3. Click on the “Promote” button;
  4. If you want to study more information about active promotions, we suggest finding yourself in the history of promotions.

Functionality and Design of the BetVisa Apps

Using the BetVisa mobile application is very convenient and important these days

Using a mobile device is very convenient and important nowadays, so practically everyone can install our mobile app on his phone for different systems. At the moment our company BetVisa makes it possible to use it with Android and iOS systems. Let us remind you that our company is licensed, and it takes care of security, including the mobile application.   

Our mobile application is not much different from the official site in terms of functionality and features. It has a convenient menu, and easy and quick navigation, which will allow you to quickly create a bet. You can install it on any smartphone, it is also available on a tablet, or devices such as laptops, and iPad. The interface is very nice and has little difference from the website of the office. A person can easily bet on sports disciplines and the casino. On the main site of the office or in the application, you will find a button for registration, and next to it will be a function to log in to the account. Any player can still make deposits to their account there, withdraw their winnings and contact support.    

How to Create an Account on the BetVisa App

To become a player, you need to create a personal account. You can do this from your mobile device or via our official BetVisa website. In either case, you will need to give us your details and then confirm them. Don’t worry about the company’s security – we are reliable and will protect our customers’ data with an advanced encryption system. To create a personal account with our company, you need to follow the following recommendations:


Go to the BetVisa website or our mobile app;


Open the registration form. You will see the button “Join Now” in the form, click on it to open the registration window;


Fill in your details. You will see a window with a very simple form in which you must enter your username, password, confirm it, full name, email, phone number, and a promo code if you have one;


Complete the registration. Carefully check all the data you entered, if everything is good, then click “Join Now” to create your account.

How to Place a Bet on the BetVisa App?

Our app offers bettors an almost limitless selection of sports and online casino games. Everyone will find their events. To place a bet on sports, there are a few important steps to follow. Below you will find the algorithm for creating a bet on a game using the mobile app:


Select a betting mode. On the main page of the BetVisa app you will find the main panel with the sections “Live Events” and “Forthcoming Matches”, go to one of them, depending on your preference;


Select a discipline. Next, you need to choose a sports discipline or casino game and a specific tournament and match, then decide on the type of bet and select the appropriate odds;


Specify the bet. Determine the amount you want to bet on a particular match. Familiarize yourself with the minimum and maximum bets set by our company;


Confirm the bet. Check if your details are correct and confirm the bet, after that all you have to do is wait for the match to end. If your prediction was correct we will credit your winnings quickly.

BetVisa Apk for Android

It is time to learn how you can download Betvisa, and install our application on the Android system, as well as the requirements for your device and their compatibility. For this, we have prepared sections.  

How to Download on Android?

On our official website Betvisa in Bangladesh you can find our application for the Android version. You shouldn’t have any problems downloading and installing it, for this we have prepared recommendations for you:


Go to our website;


Select the mobile app section at the bottom of our office homepage;


In the window that opens, use the QR code and then follow the recommendations for Android and wait for the Betvisa apk download.

How to Install on Android?

After the process of downloading the application on your device, you will need to install it, and this is also easy to do, so see the description below:

  1. In the settings of your device, allow installation from unknown sources;
  2. Go to your downloads folder and open the saved APK file. This will allow you to start installing the app, and it will happen in a matter of minutes; 
  3. Find our Betvisa logo and enjoy the features of our mobile app. 

System Requirements

We will now tell you the system requirements in the table.

OS versionAndroid 6.0 and later
Frequencyover 1 GHz
RAMat least 1 GB
Screen resolutionfrom 800×480
Free space20+ MB

Compatible device

Now let’s share about the main compatible devices on which you can use our application:

  • Samsung Galaxy;
  • Xiaomi Redmi;
  • Motorola Edge;
  • Realme Narzo;
  • Asus ROG;
  • Redmi Prime;
  • OPPO;
  • IQOO;
  • Vivo;
  • OnePlus.

BetVisa for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Many thousands of users have already downloaded our application BetVisa for iOS. And in this section, you will also learn how to download and install our application on the iOS system, as well as the device requirements and compatibility. For this purpose, we have prepared for you the information. 

How to Download on iOS?

Download our application will get quickly, you only need to follow the written algorithm:


Go to our official website using your mobile browser;


At the bottom of the home page, select the section with the mobile app;


In the window that opens, select the iOS BetVisa app download and follow the instructions

How to Install on iOS?

Follow the instructions below to install our application on iOS:

  1. Wait until the .ipa file is saved on your device, and open it in the “Downloads” section;
  2. This will start the automatic installation process, which will take a couple of minutes;
  3. After installation, the Betvisa icon will appear on your iPhone/iPad and you will be able to login into your account. 

System Requirements

The system requirements for the iOS system are very simple and we will tell you about them in the table below. 

OS versioniOS 10.3 and later
Free space50+ MB

Compatible device

The devices to be supported on the iOS system are as follows:

  • iPhone 6, 6S, 6+;
  • iPhone 7, 7+;
  • iPhone 8, 8+;
  • iPhone X, XR;
  • iPhone XS, XS Max;
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max;
  • iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max.

How do Update BetVisa App to the Latest Version?

The process of updating the BetVisa application

To ensure that our app always works perfectly and does not cause any questions, we are constantly updating it. We make additional improvements and features, make more beautiful designs and interfaces, and of course, improve the system. The update process is not done manually, but almost automatically. To get it updated to the latest version, you should do the following steps:

  1. Go to our official BetVisa Bangladesh website and reload your app there;
  2. Run it and confirm the update if needed.

You don’t need to go to the mobile apps section of our website every day, the BetVisa app will create a download and installation request when a new version is available on our website. Your task is very simple – to confirm this process.

BetVisa Casino App

In the BetVisa mobile application, players can successfully play casino games

After installing our BetVisa app on their device, players can successfully play casino games. There you will see many gambling games and you will find something you like. By the way, it’s worth noting that there are no differences from the web version. 

There are a lot of players at BetVisa Casino, as it’s very popular in Bangladesh, so we’re always giving you the chance to participate in many of our promotions and bonuses. Top up your game account with funds and get bonuses, bet on various tournaments, and earn great money. 

Popular Online Games

Players enjoy betting at our BetVisa Casino on their mobile app, where there are hundreds of gambling games, and now let us tell you what categories there are: 

  • Slots. The essence of playing them is that using slot machines, players bet on different numbers and when they converge on the machine screen they get their money. This is a very easy game and a lot of it depends on luck; 
  • Table games. Of these most popular categories are baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, etc. It’s very important to familiarize yourself with their rules before you bulk up the game; 
  • Live Dealer. There are live dealer games that exist from the usual classic table games to exclusive entertaining games like Wheel of Fortune.

BetVisa Sports Betting App

On our BetVisa mobile app, there are a huge number of sports disciplines on which you can bet and win. Many bettors on our app bet on cricket and can even bet on T20, ICC, and many other leagues. Fans of the very popular game of soccer in the world have the opportunity to bet on the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, the Champions League, the World Cup, and many other leagues. If you are a fan of eSports, you can bet on Dota 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends. This is not the whole list of sports disciplines, there are much more interesting and diverse. 

Betting Options in the BetVisa App

What are the betting options in the BetVisa application

Before creating bets, bettors need to decide on a betting option. You can choose a particular sport in advance and be guided by it. Well, what are the betting options on our mobile device BetVisa in Bangladesh, we will now tell you: 

  1. Prematch. This option is very good for many reasons. You can think well about the most different outcomes of the game in advance. You can look at stats, do analysis, and more. The earlier you place a bet, the higher the odds are likely to be. In any case, you will have time to think about and make the right decision; 
  2. Live bets. These are bets, which can be made directly during the game. But watch carefully, the odds are constantly changing from small, to huge, but you might be so lucky, that you will get very large odds and win.

These betting options can be done by every bettor in Bangladesh on our Android and iOS devices. 

Types of Bets in the BetVisa App

What types of bets are in the BetVisa application

With the help of our mobile app, players are allowed to choose different types of bets in our BetVisa Bangladesh office. You have a chance to choose between two options: 

  • Single bet. A regular bet on one outcome and only one odd. To win, you need to bet on your event to come true; 
  • Express. This is a type of bet that contains at least two outcomes. The best part is that the odds of the events are multiplied, forming a potentially great win. To be a winner in this type of bet, all the events in the express must converge. If you make even 1 mistake, the entire parlay will lose.

How to Bet in the BetVisa App?

Many bettors are already rushing to see how you can bet on sports or casino gambling using our BetVisa mobile app. To do this, you will need to create a couple of actions:


Select a betting option. Go to your app on your device and select the “Live” or “Prematch” option and go to it;


Select an event. You have a choice between a sports discipline or a casino game, and you have to choose the tournament, the match, the type of bet, and the odds;


Specify the bet. Determine the amount you want to bet on a particular match. Think about the minimum and maximum bet you can make;


Confirm the bet. Check the data you entered and confirm the bet, after which you will only have to wait for the match to end. If you win a bet your money will be added to your BetVisa account very quickly.

BetVisa Mobile Website

you can also use our BetVisa website in a browser on your mobile device

If you don’t want to install a separate BetVisa app it’s no problem, you can also use our website in a browser on your mobile device. And BetVisa lets you do just that. The interface and navigation will fit your device’s screen size perfectly. 

How to Use the Web Version of BetVisa?

If you have the internet you can do this easily. The BetVisa web version of our site is very simple, you just need to log in to our BetVisa site from your device with a browser and you can easily use all the functions available.  

System Requirements for the Mobile Version of the BetVisa Website

For mobile devices, our BetVisa has created a great optimization for Android and iOS which enables you to quickly place bets and various other functions via a web-based version of the website. This is available on Android from version 6.0 and later with at least 1GB RAM and on iOS from version 10.3 and later with at least 50MB of free space and more.  

Differences Between the BetVisa App and the Website?

Different App and the Website

Many users want to know how our web and mobile app differ. There aren’t many differences, but there are, and we’ll tell you about them now. We can note the point that there are functional differences and differences in details. For example, the web version does not need to BetVisa download, it is slower and there is no possibility to customize it. Our mobile app needs to be downloaded, installed, and used it works much faster than the web version and there is an opportunity to customize it to your device. 

Depositing and Withdrawal BetVisa App 

BetVisa has a payment system

Every betting company has a payment system, and we at BetVisa have it through the mobile app. And the main ways of depositing and withdrawing funds are as follows: UPI, IMPS, PayTM, and PhonerPe. 

How long does it take to process my deposit?

Depositing funds to our company BetVisa through a mobile app is very simple and convenient. When you do this, funds are credited almost immediately, but with IPMS it may take 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

When you win a bet, every bettor wants to withdraw his money as soon as possible and dispose of it at will. We can tell you that at our company BetVisa, the minimum withdrawal amount is BDT 2,000 and the maximum is BDT 99,000. 

BetVisa Mobile Features

what features does our BetVisa mobile app have

Every bettor wants to know what features our BetVisa mobile app has. That’s what we’re going to look at now: 

  • Simple and fast navigation, which allows you to bet quickly;
  • Ability to bet on sports disciplines and casino games;
  • Ability to do registration and login into your account; 
  • Ability to replenish funds to your gaming account, as well as withdraw their winnings;
  • Ability to use bonuses and promotions; 
  • The ability to contact support. 

BetVisa App Support

You can contact the BetVisa support team

Our BetVisa company has a great support team that will help solve your question. They work all the time, so you will get an answer pretty quickly. If you’re having trouble with something within the company, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can contact the support team in any of the ways listed below: 

  • Online Chat. This method is the fastest, as all you have to do is click on the chat icon in the bottom corner of the website or app and describe your problem. A support staff member will respond quickly; 
  • Email. If you have a problem that needs a detailed solution, send an email to support. In the letter describe your problem and attach a screenshot if necessary;
  • Social networks. Our bookmaker office is popular in Bangladesh and supports several social networks (Telegram and WhatsApp) which you can use to solve your problem. 


  • What devices can I install the BetVisa app on?

    As our company has specifically created simple system requirements for the application, it can be installed on almost any smartphone, tablet, and even a laptop, or iPad.

  • What do I need to do to start using all the features of the BetVisa app in Bangladesh?

    If you want to use all the features of our app, then initially install it from the official BetVisa website, register, log in to your account, top up your game number with funds, and use it for joy.

  • Can I get bonuses using the BetVisa mobile app?

    Yes, whether you are betting online or via our mobile app you will receive the same bonuses.

  • Can I create a second account via my mobile app?

    Creating a second account is not allowed by our website rules and your account will be blocked if you do so.